Kentucky Museum celebrates 80 years

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-This year, the Kentucky Museum is celebrating 80 years of service.

The museum, on the campus of Western Kentucky University was established in 1939. In 2019, the museum has rolled out an exhibit called Out of the Box to celebrate the milestone.

The exhibit features artifacts from Mammoth Cave, old musical instruments and religious artifacts from around South-Central Kentucky.

The Out Of The Box exhibit also features an online version, where anyone can learn more about the historical origin of the artifacts.

Museum officials said  the milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the supportive community.

“It warms our hearts. It lets us know that we’re doing great work, and it really give us a sense of importance in the community. We know it’s not just about us and our passions. We’re here to take all the knowledge we know and bring it to the community to help them understand the wonderful place that we all live in,” said development and marketing manager of the Kentucky Museum, Tiffany Isselhardt.

The Out Of The Box exhibit will on display until May 2020.