Kentucky Mesonet at WKU moves weather station to Ephram White Park

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Kentucky Mesonet at WKU has relocated one of its Warren County stations.

The relocation is to ensure weather data collection continues throughout Kentucky.

The Mesonet station is now located at 885 Mount Olivet Road at Ephram White Park.

It collects real-time data on temperature, precipitation, humidity, soil moisture, wind speed and more.

The station transmits the data to the Kentucky Climate Center at WKU every five minutes, 24 hours a day.

The statewide network includes 71 stations in 69 counties.

The project was funded with a 2.9 million federal grant for the Kentucky Climate Center.

It came as part of WKU’s Applied Research and Technology program.

Dr. Stuart Foster is the Director of the Kentucky Mesonet at WKU.

Foster says the weather station does more than collect data for just WKU.

“It helps meteorologists determine flood or storm warnings which keeps local residents safe.”

To view the real-time data collected by the Kentucky Mesonet station, click here.