Kentucky in early stages of a drought according to climate scientists

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Climate and environmental experts from around the country are in Bowling Green this week for the 2019  biennial U.S. Drought Monitor Forum.

Kentucky state climatologist, Stuart Foster, spoke on day one of the three day event. He’s warning that despite the above normal rainfall this year, over the last month or so it’s been extremely hot and dry. He concludes that right now Kentucky is in the early development of a drought.

The first to feel the effects of the drought are those in the agricultural community.

Going from constant rain to extremely dry heat is likely to have an impact on both crops and livestock.

“I think for crops that were planted early and timely, they’re probably in pretty good shape. For cases where farmers had to delay planting because of the very wet conditions this spring, there’s some concern that those plants may take a hit,” said said Foster.

Foster also said while it’s too early to determine how bad the drought will turn out to be, preserving water is always a good idea.