Kentucky Digital Citizenship Academy comes to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Students today use technology in their everyday life. For that reason, educators are getting involved in the digital world. School officials from all over the state came to the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative for the Kentucky Digital Citizenship Academy, an event hosted by KET Education.

“We at KET are thrilled to be hosting this event. It’s for educators around the state to participate and learn more about digital citizenship, and how it can be applied and how we can share it with our students,” said director of school services of KET Education Brian Spellman.

Some topics of discussion included using technology in today’s curriculum, the changing media literacy, and how to make sure students are safe on the web. Those in attendance from the Kentucky Department of Education said it’s important for the students’ success if the educators are well involved in the use of technology.

“Students leaving our school systems today need to have strong technology skills. In fact, competency in technology skills are a part of the minimum graduation requirements across our state,” said chief digital officer of the Kentucky Department of Education Marty Park.

While some techniques might seem familiar, educators all the way from Grayson County said they’re looking forward to bringing new resources back home.

“We all know that digital citizenship is very important in our K-12 schools and with our students. It’s been a great opportunity to learn some new resources and incorporate those into our schools,” said digital learning coach of the Grayson County Schools, DeeDee Webb.