Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife shares advice for boating season

ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. – This weekend marks the beginning of boating season, and there are a few things that the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife want you to keep in mind before you hit the water.

All water vessels must have the proper and current registration for the season.

Make sure you have life jackets in an accessible place for everyone on board and not tucked into a compartment.

Water authorities say they will be out in full force this weekend looking for those disregarding lake signage and anyone operating a boat or other vessel while intoxicated.

“When we’re patrolling, we’re primarily looking, you know, to make sure everybody is safe, not operating a vessel in a reckless or dangerous manner that could hurt them or somebody else,” said sergeant John Jackson with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Jackson also recommends a boater education  course for any new boaters or as a refresher for anyone hitting the lake this summer.

You can find that course information on the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife website.