Keep your delivery drivers safe from pets during holiday gift season

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – This time of year, people love ordering Christmas gifts early. But for delivery drivers, that joyful prep for the holiday season can turn into fear when dogs are on the loose. 

According to the U.S. Postal Service 5,714 of its employees were attacked by dogs while on the job in 2018. 

All Creatures Animal Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Vicky McGrath said many dogs never display signs of aggression before an attack. 

“’My dog would never bite’. Right, most of us that’s true, “said McGrath. “Our dogs at home are happy with us. They never bite, and it’s not a problem until they’re put in a situation where they may be protecting their environment, and then your sweet dog who’s never done a thing all of a sudden might attack or bite somebody.”

Crocker Law Firm attorney Angela Kniery said the law in Kentucky cracks down to keep people safe. 

“As a dog owner in Kentucky, you’re responsible for the damages that your dog causes, whether it’s an injury to a person, property or livestock,” said Kniery. “The law it’s a strict liability law, which means all that the victim, or person who is injured, has to prove is that it was your dog and the dog caused the damage. There is no consideration about any negligence on the [part of the] dog owner.”

Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC Injury Lawyers website says  There’s no “one free bite” rule in Kentucky. This means it doesn’t matter whether the dog never showed any aggressive tendencies in the past. 

If a person’s dog bites somebody who isn’t a trespasser, it’s highly likely that the owner will be liable for damages, according to that site. 

According to the Kaufman & Stigger website, even if the dog knocks down a person making a delivery and injures that person without biting him or her, strict liability applies.

“You are liable for that, and so we want to do things to mitigate that risk,” said McGrath.

“I would be better safe than sorry to keep your dogs out, especially if you know that the delivery is coming or people are coming to your home,” said Kniery.