Injured bald eagle shot with pellets recovering at Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky

BARREN CO., Ky.-A shot and injured bald eagle has been rescued from Barren River Lake…found with six pellets in his body. Warning, these pictures are graphic. 

The Army Corp of Engineers discovered the bird and called the Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky. 

The bird had suffered a gunshot wound to the left armpit area. The blood severed a major vein and caused extreme blood loss.

An x-ray showed that six pellets traveled throughout the bird’s body- there were two in the right thigh, two in the chest cavity area, and two in the neck. 

The bird survived the blood loss, and is now recovering at the rehab center. Staff say they are watching for any infection or further problems. 

“The long term issues that this bird is gonna face we don’t know the extent of muscle and tendon damage and that could be a big issue when it comes to flying. So it still could be a couple of months before we know the outcome for this bird,” said Board Director Dave Dicks. 

Bald eagles are federally protected and shooting one is illegal- it’s punishable by up to a $15,000 fine and six months in prison.

Staff were able to determine this bird was shot by someone less than 25 yards away…meaning they knew they were shooting a bald eagle. They hope this bird’s story helps people to be more responsible.