Head for the Hill gives students a chance to check out the campus

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-High school students are often asked where they’ll attend college. To help in the decision making process, Western Kentucky University has an event called Head for the Hill, giving those with an interest in the hill a chance to explore, meet, and interact with the campus. As part of the event, students have a chance to explore the different majors offered.

“It’s exciting. I’m glad that we get students to especially something like this, where they get a sense of all the different majors that are available to them,” said WKU assistant professor of finance Andrew Head.

Juniors and seniors flooded the Preston Fitness Center to hear from educators and student ambassadors on why they recommend the hill, and the programs offered.

“This is like my eighth time doing this event, so I’m a veteran. I love it when students come here,” said mathematics student ambassador Rebecca Price.

Ambassadors at the event say head for the hill is a treat, one they wish they had known about before their journeys on the hill.

“I wish I had known about head for the hill. I didn’t know about it personally. All I did was t-o-p, and I wish I had gone through and experienced it just to get more information,” Price said.

With the chance for the possible future Hilltoppers to get a feel for the campus, educators hope that they students with Western on the brain will choose to learn here.

“There’s a sense of excitement and optimism about life. They’ve got their whole futures ahead of them and helping them start to boil that down to some more defined paths has always been exciting,” Head said.