Gov. Beshear visits WKU SmartHolstein Lab

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Thursday evening Gov. Andy Beshear was at Western Kentucky University visiting the SmartHolstein Lab. 

The lab showcases new technologies and innovations in the field of dairy science. The lab gives WKU students unique learning opportunities while advancing the dairy industry through research and development. 

Some of the technologies used include milk-based biomarkers and wearable indwelling sensors to collect novel phenotypic traits. The lab’s herd is used to explore genetic selection strategies. 

Beshear says it’s amazing that they have this at the university and can help Kentucky farmers across the state.

“Bowling Green is an exciting place, it’s where my mom is from but it has an economy that is on fire. From new employers locating here to all the new growth we’re seeing through the university and its research, a strong WKU is absolutely necessary as this area absolutely takes off in ways we all dreamed of,” said Beshear. 

The lab monitors herd health, milk production, and milk quality among other characteristics.