Floridians sue to stop mask ordinance

Four Palm Beach County residents have filed suit to stop a new COVID-19 mask ordinance, claiming being forced to wear a mask violates their constitutional rights. WPTV'S Dave Bohman reports.

(WPTV/NBC News) — Face mask opponents in Florida have filed suit against Palm Beach County.

The lawsuit comes after commissioners unanimously voted in favor of mandating face masks in public where social distancing isn’t possible.

The suit, file by four county residents, lists seven reasons why the new law should be tossed, from alleging violation of free speech to the right to refuse medical treatment.

“Face masks are medical devices, the case law is on point” plaintiff attorney Cory Strolla says.

Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner says lives are at stake and he is confident the law to mandate masks will sustain any legal challenge.

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