FBI Investigating Houston mercury spill

Witnesses say man poured liquid out at three locations, forcing dozens to go through decontamination.

(KPRC) HOUSTON, Texas – A man was been taken into custody for questioning after a mercury spill Sunday in Houston, Texas.

According to authorities, the FBI took the man into custody early Monday in connection with the spill.

Police said a man spilled mercury in three different places around the area. It is unknown what the man was doing with the mercury. It is unclear if this is the same man who was taken into custody.

The man in custody has not been identified or charged in connection with the spill, authorities said.

About 30 to 60 people were decontaminated as a precaution after the spill Sunday afternoon.

A woman who was decontaminated was also transported to a nearby hospital because she is pregnant, police said.

Officials said less than a pint of mercury was found in the parking lots of Walmart, Sonic and a Shell gas station.

“The threat to the public is very low because the spill occurred outdoors and the amount of chemical spilled is small,” said Dr. David Persse, local health authority for the Houston Health Department. “The amount of chemical detected on those exposed is below the level that’s dangerous to the average individual.”

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