Farmers impacted by tornadoes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Farmers have experienced an impact as well out in the county and surrounding counties with the loss of cattle, damage to fields, barns and homes.

Farmers are also using their equipment to help remove debris and clean up their land or other people’s properties instead of working their farms.

This selflessness is incredible to see, according to several officials.

This impact of the storms could potentially impact the supply chain down the road, but it’s too soon to tell exactly what the effect might be.

“It hit some of our most productive areas of the state. I spent the last two days touring Western and West Kentucky and there’s not a camera lens big enough that could capture the pure devastation and rubble and complete loss that I was able to witness firsthand,” said Quarles.

“I talked to some farmers in Graves County that didn’t even know what the level of damage was in their own personal business because they were too busy out there helping those get out of the rubble. And so, what we’re going to see in the next few days and weeks is a better understanding of the economic damage this has done to Kentucky agriculture and that includes structures like barns, grain elevators, we have about 30 poultry houses that we know that are damaged beyond repair,” said Quarles.

“The agricultural community always comes together. They help other farmers. They help their community. It’s one of the great things that we have in Warren County is that it’s such a diverse farming community that they’re willing to come out and help, but we have other cattleman, livestock producers, grain farmers. I had a call this morning from a grain farmer. He had a skid steer ready to help wherever and he’s not even from our county,” said Joanna Cole, an agent of agriculture in Warren County.

Now, there is a relief program underway to help.

Farmers, landowners, and agribusinesses: if you need immediate help and farm materials, we now have the framework & process in place to help out.

  1. Contact your county Extension Office to make an official donation request of what exactly you’re in need of (like fencing, etc)
  2. My office and Kentucky Farm Bureau are coordinating monetary and material donations from around the country.
  3. On a daily basis our donations will be matched with the requests each county Extension Office receives. They will then be delivered to the respective county.

If you would like to donate money, please do so here:

If you would like to donate farm materials, please contact my office at

For more disaster related ag questions, please visit our website at: