EXCLUSIVE: New product created and produced in Bowling Green to help slow the spread of COVID making its debut

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local small business showing off their new product that may help slow the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses: thermal body temperature scanners.

A new product coming to the market, created and produced in Bowling Green, measures a person’s temperature in just seconds without the need to constantly recalibrate the scanner.

The scanner meets all FDA regulations and requirements and is in the process of receiving an FDA certification.

John Harnage, the creator of the elevated body temperature kiosk, says each purchase will come with virtual education through Western Kentucky University automatically.

“What we see ourselves doing in the future for the communities is putting us back to work. That’s the whole point. We’ve gotten to a point where we are wearing face masks and we are going to continue to wear face masks. Getting your temperature measured is just par for the course now. Which, even if COVID does subside, which eventually it will, they’ll be another one,” said Harnage.

Other similar scanners are either far more expensive or less accurate, making this product a major innovation for Bowling Green.

Harnage is partnering with Pan Osten, the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce and other local companies to produce and distribute the kiosk.

Kendra Sewell, the incoming president of Pan Osten is ecstatic to be a part of this revolutionary thermographic scanner.

“The sky is the limit with this. We see this application going across several different industries. Company-wide and also down to a personal, small level as well. So really there is no application that we don’t feel like this is going to be a good avenue for,” said Sewell.

This product’s success could bring a large amount of dollars to the area, according to Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Ron Bunch.

“As they grow as Pan Osten has grown, they took on two additional facilities in the Transpark already so we’ve got a track record of expanding and growing with Pan Osten. Now, with John Harnage and his company coming together with Pan Osten, we are very excited about the future and the benefits that our community will get,” said Bunch.

The official release date of the scanner is October 1st.