Engineering students create WKU’s Big Red out of Legos

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Big Red is a mascot South Central Kentucky has grown to love. And over the past year, two Western Kentucky Engineering students showed their love by building a life size version of the much-adored mascot out of Legos.

This 350lb masterpiece took a combined 1000 man-hours for Austin Loney and Taylor Collins to complete.

At first, the idea was just a but then the pair decided to make their creation.

After one of their professors purchased $5,000 worth of Lego pieces, the students and Civil Engineering Professor Jason Wilson, used a 3D scanner to convert Big Red to a PDF file that had all of the dimensions laid out.

When it was all said and done, it took nearly 40,000 Lego pieces to create Lego Big Red.

Big Red took a year to complete and the pieces are sealed with glue to preserve the creation.

Right now, the creation is being housed in the basement of the engineering building on campus. An official home has not yet been announced.