Eight Kentucky school districts receive grant money for STEM

EDMONTON, Ky.- Science, technology, engineering, math – all around the globe, students are exposed to these subjects daily. A $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education was given to eight school districts served by the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative. One of those districts, is Metcalfe County.

“Anytime we get an opportunity that comes up to give our students more things in the classroom, but also for our teachers to be educated. They’re going to receive some training through this. It’s just great. It’s a win-win for our teachers and our students,” said Metcalfe County High School Principal Clint Graham

Most of the grant money will be used to provide professional training to teachers of STEM subjects. Depending on needs, the money may also be used for extra resources.

“I’m a first-year science teacher so trying to get together a curriculum, that money will be so helpful for us,” said Metcalfe County High School Science teacher Alex Pennington.

With a combination of training, resources and more elements to work with, Graham said the Metcalfe County Hornets will soon have a more beneficial learning experience.

“Our teachers are the backbone of our school. They know what is best for our students, so what we want to do is take their opinions and put a game plan in place to make sure our kids are successful through this grant,” Graham said.