Edmonson County school district to see $6 million in renovations

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – The Edmonson County school system is planning more than $6 million in renovations that will help save a significant amount of energy.

The money, coming partially from a grant, will go to change out old outdated lights for new LED energy saving lights throughout parts of the district.

A few of the HVAC systems will completely be replaced in the project as well.

The funding will also go toward improving the controls on the heat and air systems throughout the buildings to allow for a more gradual change and more control over the heat and air conditioning.

That will save a significant amount of money on energy.

Overall, superintendent Brian Alexander expects to save more than $150,000 per year on energy from the renovations.

“It’s an extremely budget neutral project that will pay for itself. And we’ve done our research on it. And we’re going to see immediate savings just as soon as the lighting is starting in March and we will start to experience immediate savings at that time,” said Alexander.

The project will begin next month and is expected to be mostly completed by the fall semester.