Double Duty: South Carolina School Buses Deliver Student Meals

(WYFF/NBC News) Many students rely on the two meals they receive daily during the school year.

With schools across the country now temporarily closed due to coronavirus, many students are left with high food insecurity.

To combat this, thousands of meals were packaged and delivered by district employees to students in South Carolina’s Anderson School District 5.

“Having meals delivered to them is just one other step that we can make to make them feel, you know, you’re still part of the school community,” says district spokesperson Kyle Newton. “You’re still getting those vital services, and we’re doing everything we can to just create a little more stability for the students.”

Multiple schools in the district acted as launch points for the school buses, which would be sent out on routes similar to the daily routes for pick up and drop off. Students would meet the bus at their stop between 11 a.m and noon to pick up a prepackaged lunch, as well as breakfast for the following day.

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