Disabled vets to get student debt forgiveness

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Thousands of military veterans, including those living right here in South Central Kentucky, could soon have relief from student loan debt.

That’s according to a directive signed by President Trump on Wednesday, which would erase millions of dollars in federal student loan debt owed by disabled vets.

President Trump made the announcement at the American Veterans National Convention in Louisville to a crowd of more than 2,000 veterans.

Currently only about half of the disabled vets eligible for student loan debt forgiveness have received that benefit.

The Trump Administration is now looking to expedite that process.

“Disabled Veterans have given up something of themselves for their community and for their country, and if we can’t pay them back a little something then what are we doing. So, this is a good first step for helping disabled veterans, those are the ones who have given the most right now,” said Davy Stone, director at Veterans Upward Bound at Western Kentucky University.

President Trump also said that disabled vets won’t have to pay federal income tax on the forgiven debt.