Dance Big Red raises money for sick children

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- It’s almost time for two big events in February – Dance Big Red and Dance Little Red. 

Dance Big Red is a student-run nonprofit at Western Kentucky University that raises money for Norton Children’s Hospital. 

Dance Big Red usually has a 12-hour ‘stand a thon’ in the Preston Center at WKU to remember all the doctors and nurses that stay standing during surgeries to help sick children. 

With COVID-19 this year, they had to change gears. They’ll still be standing, but virtually and from the comfort of their own home instead. 

Co-chair Haley Cooper said why it’s important to raise money for Norton and the children they help. 

“Not every kid is healthy and gets to run outside and play and do all the things that I got to do as a child. So it’s so important for me to give back to Norton’s so they can provide those kids with that normal childhood. You know that’s what we all want, all these kids just wanna be normal and go to school and play with friends and without Norton’s some kids wouldn’t be able to do that,” said Cooper. 

Dance Little Red is on Feb. 18 and includes area high school students. Dance Big Red is later in the month on Feb. 26.