Curtains Up program gives students a chance to take the stage

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center is offering local students a chance to get on the stage.

It’s being done through the Curtains Up program. This gives schools the opportunity to use the performing arts center for anything relating to arts and performances.

While using it, the students will have full access to the stage and all of the stage equipment.

The program was created to ensure that all students have a good chance to get involved in the arts if they choose to.

Vice president and chief of external affairs of SKYPAC Rob Hankins said this program is crucial, especially since most schools don’t have the finances to support arts and performance programs of their own.

“The ability for them to be able to come into a facility like this and be on the stage with mega stars, it’s something special for the students,” Hankins said.

Any schools interested in using the curtains up program can rent the space through an application available on the SKYPAC website.