Curbside Ministries brings children joy with water night and grilling

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A few hundred kids of all ages lined up and down Lee Street Thursday in Bowling Green for Curbside Ministries’s water night. The evening was filled with super soakers, water hoses, big red fire trucks and lots of burgers and dogs hot off the grill.

Curbside Ministries Founder Terri Sheldon said she began the nonprofit in 2011 with the mission in mind to “show love, share truth, and bring that love and truth straight to you.” 

“It’s a calling. It’s a calling on your life. [I’m a] Pharmacist by trade, but here I am, 10, 11 years in, and I just left to take the gospel to the streets,” said Sheldon.

Tresor Nishimwe grew up with Curbside Ministries – enjoying the food and games himself when he was little. Now, he’s a volunteer himself. 

“It always feels good to come back and help them out too, just like they helped us out,” said Nishimwe.

He said he has a bond with many of these kids with their shared heritage. 

“It brings a bright joy, because these kids, some of them I can relate to, because they’re not from here, neither am I,” Nishimwe said. “I’m from Africa. So just seeing them come out and having fun, it means a lot.”

Pre-Covid, Sheldon said that Curbside Ministries had over 300 volunteers. Now that they’re coming out of the pandemic, they’re starting over from scratch. And if anyone is looking for a way to get their feet wet when it comes to giving back, joining Sheldon and Nishimwe at Curbside Ministries can be that way to make a difference.

Curbside Ministries run a back-to-school bash at the beginning of August. They will distribute over 400 backpacks to many of these same children. To find out how to volunteer or donate, Curbside Ministries’ website.