Could lifeguard shortages shut down your summer plans?

BOWLIN GREEN, Ky. – With these hot temps – what better way to spend the day than at the pool….But a national lifeguard shortage could make that a problem.

The Russell Sims Aquatic Center in Bowling Green is just one place experiencing these issues.

The park currently has 36 lifeguard positions, but only 25 of them filled.

With areas as deep as 12 feet, lifeguards are a must.

Though Bowling Green Parks and Recreation says this it’s unlikely they’ll have to cut the season short for this reason, swim times already have been limited due to the lifeguard employee shortage.

To keep lifeguards until the end of the season, the aquatic center is offering a $500 bonus for lifeguards who work until their pool closes after summer.

Bowling Green Parks and Recreation’s recreation division manager Adam Butler encourages young people to consider the rewarding job.

“There’s plenty of time to think about the future and it’s a great first job for a kid because it does show responsibility, said Butler.

Anyone 15 years or older with an American Red cross lifeguard certification can apply.