Controversial K9 takedown caught on camera

(KOB) A woman who recorded a New Mexico arrest on her cellphone is questioning a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy’s use of K9 force after she said the suspect appeared to listen to and comply with commands.

The arrest took place in Carnuel, New Mexico.

Video shows the suspect, identified as Myron Sanchez, getting out of an SUV with his hands up. He starts to walk toward officers before turning back toward his car. That’s when a police K9 is released on Sanchez.

“I was like, why did they let the dog? I mean it was confusing,” said witness Lily Rivas. “It was just so quick and he was with his hands up and all of a sudden we just saw the dog running to him.”

Footage shows the K9 grabbing the Sanchez’s arm then dragging him in front of the SUV before deputies placed him in handcuffs.

“It went from him being calm to all of a sudden he’s getting attacked and drug and we were like ‘Woah this is so crazy,’” said witness Kelly Thomas.

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