Construction projects move forward during pandemic

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Covid-19 has left most of the outside world silent. At construction sites. the sound of equipment means business as usual. Many construction projects are still on track to be completed on time.

Construction is considered essential under Governor Andy Beshear’s stay at home order.

The president of Stewart Richey Construction in Bowling Green, Roddy Grimes said he feels blessed to be able to keep the wheels turning.

“We feel very fortunate right now to continue to be working. It’s because our business is viewed as essential business,” Grimes said.

While construction continues, the way material is obtained for projects has changed due to the circumstances.

“Many of the supply houses have closed their counters. We’ll call in orders, and they’ll set the material out,” Grimes said.

Bowling Green City School District Superintendent Gary Fields said there was some worry when everything began to shut down, but he’s now relieved to hear that construction will continue on the new bowling green high school project.

“So many things have happened in the last month or so with school being cancelled. It’s exciting that as of right now, we’re moving forward with construction,” Fields said.

In the end, it’s all about putting roofs over heads, and building up the community.

“We’re doing everything we can to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe. I’ll be much relieved when this passes,” Grimes said.