Cocktails & Trails celebrates success at Lost River Cave

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Saturday night was Lost River Cave’s annual Cocktails and Trails event.

People walked through the trails, with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and games along the path to the cave. 

Lost River Cave offered the COVID friendly option for people to tour the cave in groups to make the event safe for everyone. 

And best of all, every bit of the money raised tonight will support nature education, park trails, and the conservation of the seven natural ecosystems within the 72-acre park.

Director of philanthropy Katie Cielinski said they had a turnout nearing 350 people, and they’re already excited to host the Cocktails and Trails in years to come.

“We had a lot of games here tonight,” said Cielinski. “So we’ve had to Chuck a Duck, and we’ve had the Bourbon Toss. So, it’ll be exciting to add it all up and see where we’re at. It’s been a great turn out. We’re so excited. It’s the first time we’ve posted this event, and I think will certainly host it again in the future.”