Close Call: Abandoned pups rescued

Volunteers care for litter of adorable tiny pups left for dead outside of a New Mexico gas station.

(NBC News) (KOB) SOCORRO, N.M. –  A litter of Catahoula puppies left for dead near a gas station in Socorro, New Mexico Friday are now in the care of an animal foster group.

Marie Privett, founder of Bridges to Home said it’s not uncommon for them to care for abandoned litters.

“I always feel bad for the ones we don’t get because for every one we get there’s probably ten of them that we don’t,” she said.

Privett said puppies can’t survive long when they’re facing the elements.

“They need a heat source, their body temperature cannot drop below 98 degrees, 99, optimum is 101. They can die from exposure in as little as 20 minutes,” Privett said.

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