City of BG to sponsor 2023 Academy for New Americans

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – For anyone new to America looking to become a leader in your community, the City of Bowling Green will once again sponsor their Academy for New American program in 2023.

The Department of Neighborhood and Community Services-led program empowers new Americans to confidently participate in city government through education about city government services and community resources.

The city runs one academy per year with five day-long sessions. 2023’s proposed academy session dates span from February through June. 

Upon course completion, legislators will recognize the Academy for New Americans class at a big class graduation dinner in front of friends and family.

International Communications Liaison Leyda Becker said, “[The graduates have been] able to lean upon each other when they have challenges or issues that come across, and they know that they’re there to count on each other to resolve those. And so, that’s been really rewarding to see that many of those graduates have continued to be active leaders in our community.”

Click here to apply to the first class session of the new year. Applications are first come first serve.