Christmas ship saves drowning man

Crew members spring into action after hearing man screaming for help during Portland Christmas Ships parade.

(KGW/NBC News) PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland, Oregon’s annual Christmas Ships parade included a bit of a Christmas miracle Tuesday evening.

A drowning man was pulled to safety by crew members on one of the boats taking part in the parade.

Rob Steffeck, Willamette Fleet president, said the man was under water for at least 30 seconds prior to his crew pulling him out of the frigid water.

“The person started going under. They were probably under for about 30 seconds and you could see bubbles coming up and just a hand above,” Steffeck said. “He said, ‘Help me’ and the water temp is probably 42 degrees so the person was definitely hypothermic.”

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office reported the man had been in crisis and tried to take his own life.

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