Chaney’s honors beloved ‘Miss Glimmer’ & National Dairy Month

'Chaney's Miss Glimmer Appreciation Day'

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Chaney’s Dairy Barn spent their Monday celebrating National Dairy Month and honoring one beloved cow’s legacy.

‘Miss Glimmer Appreciation Day’ honors the farm’s former spokes-cow. Now, Miss Glimmer’s granddaughter, Genevieve trailblazing in her hoofprints befriending children everywhere she moseys.

Along with celebrating Miss Glimmer, Chaney’s Dairy Barn owner Carl Chaney is hosting the free ice cream event to make sure all the hard-working farmers feel thanked for what they do.

“It’s appreciation for the local dairy farmers and what they do to make sure all the stores have milk on the shelves,” said Chaney.

Also at ‘Miss Glimmer Appreciation Day’, Susan Jones represented the Raising Hope Initiative. The initiative is a statewide collaboration to support farmers and their mental health.

Jones passed out seeds like candy to our future farmers. She also gave out cards with testimony snippets from farmers across the Barren River Area Development District.

“I think we’re becoming a society that we’re so far removed from the farm that we’ve lost that appreciation and that connection,” said Jones. “We can celebrate [the day] and enjoy our ice cream, but we need to remember that there’s a farmer and a farm family behind that.”

From the sheer number of children with tongues every color of the rainbow, it seems like this generation already loves their farmers and the sweet treats that come from their cows’ milk.

Young farmer Cash Goddard said, “I just want to say, ‘Thanks for making all our foods. We’re lucky to have you. Thanks for being there.'”

If you missed out on Monday’s celebration, you can enjoy ‘Chaney’s Ice Cream & a Moovie’.