Chaney’s Dairy Barn planning huge expansion! Ice cream lovers, rejoice!

Catch them at the Kentucky State fair through Sunday

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – You might have heard by now that Chaney’s Dairy Barn brought home a plaque for their gold medal award at the Kentucky State Fair – a prize for their best premium ice cream.

News 40 caught up with the 4th generation owner Carl Chaney who will serve 500 tubs of ice cream throughout the course of the fair.

If you get a chance to head to the fair, Chaney says you’ve got to try their banana pudding ice cream.

You can sample their prize worthy vanilla ice cream, that yummy banana pudding flavor, Western Kentucky University inspired Big Red Rumble and many more.

Chaney told us that with all this demand, an expansion is in the works over at the dairy barn. 

“I hope to have a silo to where people can clime up in it and look over the farm and the horizon,” Chaney shared. “[We would] maybe even set it up where we’ll have a viewing area, so as the ice cream is being made people will be able to watch it being made in the machine and going into the tub.”

These two ideas are just part of a huge building expansion. Chaney hopes to complete the dairy barn’s project in the next year or two. 

Chaney says he knows the expansion is a big leap, but with the dairy barn’s growing loyal fans, it’s a move worth making.