Caught On Camera: Drug raid gone wrong

Alabama police shoot 19-year-old woman holding shotgun during undercover drug raid. Her family says she thought a home invasion was underway and was protecting herself.

(WPMI/NBC News) An Alabama woman is recovering after she was shot several times by law enforcement officers in an undercover drug raid.

The U.S. Marshals Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and other federal law enforcement officers were working with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in an operation to round up two dozen suspects at the time.

Officials say officers encountered two men in front of a Wilmer home and detained them.

As officers went inside the home, they saw a woman, 19-year-old Anne Rylee, holding a shotgun.

Rylee’s sister says she told family members she thought it was a home invasion.

“She said that the only thing she saw was lights in the window then the door was kicked in, so she went to investigate, obviously. The police saw the gun and yelled ‘gun, gun, gun,’ and they started shooting,” said Erin Rogers, Rylee’s sister.

Officials say Rylee did not obey orders to drop the weapon and she was shot.

“I feel like any right-minded person would have had a gun in that instance if somebody’s breaking in to your house. That’s what you have guns for. To me, it just seems like they were real trigger-happy,” Rogers said.

The man police were looking for is the uncle of Rylee’s fiance, and was already in jail when the raid took place.

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