Butler Co. archery soars to new heights: Senior Bear clutches 2nd in Girls State Championship

MORGANTOWN, Ky. – Butler County High School senior Tobin Maxfield is just one of the growing numbers of SoKY athletes turning more and more heads toward archery. Her most recent feat, scoring a 295 to clutch runner-up in the 2023 KHSAA State Championship.

“It was honestly really exciting. To see my goals be achieved was really great,” said Maxfield.

Maxfield and her high school coach, Wesley Jones, have happily watched the sport pick up traction right here in SoKY over the years.

“I joined when it was very new,” she remembered. “That was when I was in fifth grade. And so now it’s kind of grown into like a bigger deal.”

Jones said, “We actually had our biggest middle school and high school combined team this year that we’ve had so far. So, it just keeps growing and growing. The kids seem to really enjoy it and they seem to really thrive in it.”

This regional growth has picked up across co-ed lines.

“We do very well in it, both girls and guys,” shared Maxfield. “So, it’s been very fun to see all of our trophies throughout the years and even seeing how high up we are in this State.”

Jones says Butler County’s archery also opens doors.

“It provides opportunities to kids who may not have the athletic ability to play football or play baseball. But any kid can come out here, pick up a bow and learn to shoot, and a lot of times learn to shoot really well.”

While Maxfield says civil engineering is her next step at the University of Kentucky, she wants to eventually help pass on the sport to future generations.

“I think it makes me feel like I have the power to do whatever I can, and archery is a big mental sport. So, just teaching [kids] and then seeing their love for it grow like mine did is really sweet. And I just I’m excited for what it holds here in the county.”