Brooks selected to be Briarwood Elementary School therapy dog

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-After fundraising for a therapy dog, staff from a local school now know more about the partner that will soon serve the students.

A dog named Brooks has been named the new Briarwood Elementary School therapy dog. Brooks graduated from Deer Creek Labradoodles with his therapy dog certification.

This comes as Briarwood teacher Allie Billingsley set up a fundraiser to make sure Brooks was able to join the Husky family with all the proper certifications.

Briarwood principal Lori Morris said therapy dogs already within the district currently are very beneficial to both staff and students, and she’s looking forward to seeing everyone interact with brooks in the same way.

“Mrs. Billingsley has some kids that have some extreme or special needs, and they really seem to be attracted to the dog and seem to help them with their emotional needs when the dogs come into the building,” Morris said.

Brooks will officially join the school family on July 26.