Bowling Green Independent Schools roll out purple bus for summer meal deliveries

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Rolling out for 2021, the Bowling Green Independent School District started summer meal deliveries Tuesday. The morning started at T.C. Cherry Elementary, where the meals were loaded on the purple bus. The first stop was the Warren County Public Library, where kids and parents were awaiting the deliveries.

“Who doesn’t love getting something for free? To be able to take in what the community provides for us is great, I love it,” said local parent Sarah Scali.

While the purple bus made deliveries in 2020, kids weren’t yet able to see the interior. That changed this year, meaning anyone can now enter and take in the painted sunny skies, and diner-like setting.

“We are super pumped; we get to roll out the purple bus for what we intended it to be. The kids get to come on and walk through, and we even have seats that they’re able to sit down in. We’re really excited to get back out in the city with that,” said Bowling Green Independent School district child nutrition coordinator Miranda Pierce.

District staff aren’t alone, as they’re partnering with the warren county public library to have pop up libraries as well.

“It’s a rewarding experience in the moment. We’re providing more than just food, it’s nourishment for the mind, the body, and the soul, so to see that and what it does to our community is very rewarding,” Pierce said.

Parents say, this speaks volumes on how much the district lives to serve the families.

“I’m very thankful. It’s wonderful to hear how caring they are to the students. Sometimes we get stuck in the school year being 9 months long, we forget the calendar year is 12 months, and that there’s a few months where we might need a little extra help. It’s nice to see this. Everyone is appreciative, and it’s nice to have some help here and there,” Scali said.

The bus will make trips Mondays through Fridays to July 30.