Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, Western Kentucky University host a student meet and greet

BOWLING GREEN,  Ky. – The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce partnered with local businesses and Western Kentucky University to host a meet and greet on campus for students returning to the hill.

The event featured dozens of local businesses and non-profits that set up tables and tents for students to come explore.

Maddie McClure with SkyPAC said this was a great opportunity to build relationships with students.

“We do a lot with the Greek organizations and everything like that and just get them accustomed to being at SkyPAC and make them feel involved, to make them feel wanted in the arts community. Because the arts is really for everyone and we get to kind of show who we are and get them involved, and then we get to also just be a part of the community and made all these people,” said McClure.

Ron Bunch, the President and CEO of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, said this was a great way for businesses to meet potential customers and future employees as well as a way for students to find future employers.

“It’s really a win-win-win all the way around. The newest thing we’ve added is because talent has been so tight for so long, so now we’re collecting information on students so we can communicate with them about open opportunities. Our goal would be to keep as many students in our community working as humanly possible both during their education and after,”

The event was held on South Lawn and hundreds of students stopped by to learn about job opportunities, businesses and non-profits in the community and potential internship opportunities.

“We’re just out here just scoping around and trying to figure out whether we can get like internships and seeing all the different clubs and businesses. I think this is good because, like, especially, like, for me, I know next year I’m going to need, like, an internship and stuff like that so I feel like this is a great opportunity for students to get out and network,” said WKU sophomore Tacoya Pierce.

The student engagement event is held yearly on campus and has been a success for helping students get plugged in with groups outside of campus life while helping local businesses get to know students who may be potential employees in the future.