Bosnian sisters’ celebrate business grand opening exactly 20 years from immigrating to America

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Friday, two Bosnian sisters celebrate their salon’s grand opening exactly 20 years from the day their family immigrated to America.

This summer News 40 brought you the Nuhanovich sisters’ touching story: the sisters sharing how they wanted to use their entrepreneurial spirits to further Bowling Green’s thriving Bosnian lead business.

Now, the Bowling Green Chamber Of Commerce joins Lejla and Seudina Nuhanovich to celebrate Nu Lox salon’s grand opening together with the community’s help.

October 1st marks exactly 20 years since the Nuhanovich family left all they ever knew to move to Bowling Green.  

“From day one of moving to Bowling Green, in particular, we have felt an enormous amount of support from such a small community, said Lejla. “It has been an absolute blessing. We’ve had a great turnout, and we feel very fortunate to be here. We know it would be impossible without the support of our family, and friends and anyone who walks through our doors.”

The sisters say they plan to plant their seeds here in Bowling Green – grow their business and carve opportunities for their children like their parents did for them.