Bodycam shows officer drunk behind the wheel

Video shows Aurora, Colorado officer in uniform and on duty, passed out in his car with a blood alcohol level of .45. He was never charged with a crime.

(NBC News)  AURORA, Colo. – Aurora, Colorado officials are calling for an independent investigation after a police officer was found drunk behind the wheel of his car while on duty, but never charged.

Police-worn body cameras captured the moments officers responded to help Officer Nate Meier, who was caught behind the wheel of his unmarked patrol car drunk and unresponsive while on duty.

Aurora Police released the video and 911 calls from the March 29 incident Monday morning.

Six separate videos from four different officers begin after the fire department responded to Meier’s vehicle in the middle of East Mississippi Avenue near Buckley Air Force Base.

In one video, Meier is seen in the driver’s seat of his green Ford Taurus with his eyes closed and his chin to his chest.

In one of two 911 calls released Monday, the dispatcher asks the caller if Meier is “slumped over.”

“Yeah he was,” the 911 caller says. “I drove by and he was like passed out, slumped over, and we’re trying to get him to respond, but he’s not very responsive. His eyes are open now, but he’s not responding at all.”

Meier’s blood alcohol level was higher than 0.450.

Over the weekend, Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz defended his decision not to fire Meier and called out what he referred to as “inaccurate media spin.”

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