Blowing Up Christmas: Decorations cover Missouri family’s entire yard

The Hughes' family puts together an amazing Christmas display every year made up of about 50 inflatables.

(KOMU/NBC News) COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Hughes family of Columbia, Missouri puts together their Christmas jigsaw puzzle in their front yard around Thanksgiving every year. It’s made up of about 50 inflatables ranging from snowmen to minions to Mickey Mouse.

“We have ten more than last year, so we’re going to have a logistical issue to deal with to see where they’ll all fit,” Chris Hughes says.

They’ve been putting out the inflatables for about the past eight years. The tradition started with their eldest son, who loved them, but then the obsession really grew with their younger son, Owen.

Their annual tradition keeps growing and growing. They add new characters to the mix when the decorations go on sale after the holidays.

“We want to make room for the new ones, and it’s all a matter of trying to figure out how to fit them all together in a finite amount of space,” says Tiffany Hughes.

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