“Blindspot” says goodbye

The tattoo-powered drama wraps up its five-season run tonight. NBC's Mark Barger has a sneak peek.

(NBC) — Tattoo-powered drama “Blindspot” wraps up its five season run tonight.

Martin Gero, the show’s creator says it’s the biggest, most expensive and most emotional episode they’ve done since the series premiered.

It also happens to be the 100th episode, which made it that much more of a milestone for the cast, crew and writers.

“Because the show is such a work of maximalism, we were like, can we have it all? Is there a way we can have all of these things we want in the finale? Is there a framework to make it work and be emotionally satisfying? So, that’s what we tried to do,” Gero says. “We tried for it to be everything we wanted and we hoped the fans wanted.”

The series finale of “Blindspot” airs tonight at 9pm Eastern.

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