BGHS ‘College Cohort’ featured in Forbes; praised for easing Purples’ college transitions

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Big congrats to one Bowling Green city school – freshly featured in Forbes magazine for its innovative “College Cohort”.

Superintendent Gary Fields and his staff designed the college-style learning in 2019 after asking WKU what challenges they saw BGHS alums face. 

He learned that former Purples-turned-WKU freshmen struggled transitioning to that first year of college, particularly students of color and low-income students, and students who averaged low to middle-ground ACT scores. 

The high-school teacher-taught cohort mimics college credits. Over the last three years, BGHS upperclassmen have been able to adjust to college classes slowly and surely while they’re still in high school.

Fields says they’ve gotten great feedback from the cohort’s first few graduating classes. 

“Really, the things we hear about are that ‘[the College Cohort] really helped me with time management,” said Fields. “I really figured out how to advocate for myself,’ because that’s a big piece of the college experience…. We’re hearing a lot more other than the academic pieces about how to be successful on campus.”

The “College Cohort” originally launched with 85 seniors, is now temporarily modified to accommodate pandemic-related learning setbacks.