BGA Chambers comments on launching heavy equipment program

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – News 40 had the chance to interview Ron Bunch today, the President of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce. Bunch spoke about the chamber’s partnership in a new program geared towards heavy equipment training for students.

Different organizations have come together to offer an opportunity to high school students of Bowling Green and adults at SKYCTC to learn how to operate heavy machinery. Bunch said the chamber has for the past decade tried to bridge education and business to offer young adults their best chance at a career after high school. The president told News 40 his hope to help students and adults find out what different career avenues are offered, how to get to that occupation, and make an informed financial decision on what is best for them and their household.

Bunch concluded in the interview that he is very excited for this venture, and that this program is very unique in that not many exist in the country.