BG Motorcyclist shares nearly fatal crash testimony & asks your help

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green native Steve McIvor has ridden his motorcycles for the last 20 years.

Steve has biking in his blood, but all that changed when he got into a bad crash in 2019.

“I don’t remember what caused my wreck,” Steve said. “There was speculation that there was road debris that may have called it, but I remember nothing.”

The injuries were excruciating.

“I had a brain bleed, and I had broke my pelvis. Got six pins and nine plates in my pelvis, and I lacerated my femoral artery.”

Steve says medics flew him to Skyline Hospital in Nashville where he almost didn’t make it.

In the midst of such pain, Steve decided his days on bikes would be far from over if he had a say in it.

After five months of physical therapy and healing, Steve faced his fears and bought his new Harley, The Grey Lady.

“It was extremely difficult getting back on the bike for the first time until I rolled out of the parking lot. Then realized I know why I ride,” he recalled. “I enjoy riding, freedom, and getting out in the wide open spaces. It’s incredibly enjoyable.”

Now, Steve dedicates himself to helping other motorists, a safety officer for his Cave Country Chapter.

He makes it his mission to educate that dangers for riders can be both on and off the road. Steve says grass, rocks, mulch, decorative gravel and other small debris can be deadly for riders.

“Green grass can be like black ice for somebody on a motorcycle,” he compared. “We get a lot of other rocks and other debris that we have to ride through and it can be very, very dangerous… It almost took my life, but I still ride everyday.”

Steve warns that with Summer upon us, respecting motorcyclists rights to the roadways and cleaning up loose debris can be the difference between life and death. And it’s a difference you can make.