“Baby Shark” toy stops bullet

(WMTV/NBC News) A bullet fired into a Madison, Wisconsin home last week missed a sleeping toddler by inches, coming to rest in a stuffed “Baby Shark” toy by her head.

After officers responded to reports of shots fired they found dozens of shell casings and damage to nearby homes and cars. Additional canvassing and searching when the sun came up revealed more shell casings, as well as the bullet found in the child’s stuffed toy.

The toddler’s mother said she felt “lucky” but also scared. She said her 3-year-old was playing with the toy about 30 minutes before falling asleep at the foot of her bed.

Investigators said the bullet hit the gutter, traveled up, entered the 2nd floor room and made contact with the stuffed toy. The toy was five to ten inches from the toddler’s head.

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