Aviation Heritage Museum work moves forward

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-On Oct. 10 18, city, county and state officials gathered at the Aviation Heritage Park as the shovels hit the dirt for a groundbreaking. A year later, an indoor museum is still a work in progress.

As of now, the site work has been completed for the museum. Director of the park Joe Tinius said he’s thrilled that progress has been moving forward.

“To see the developments to date with this additional roadway around the park area with the restoration area now being where it will be home, it’s exciting to see what’s already happened, and to know what the future holds as far as the museum itself,” Tinius said.

A lake sits behind the park, which is why the museum grounds are elevated. This is to avoid cracks in the concrete should the area flood. To get this project in the air, it was all done through private donations. Former Park President Bob Pitchford said this museum is all thanks to the community.

“People give us donations almost continuously; small, but very, very appreciated. We have so many people who come through, like what we’re doing, and want to be a part of it,” Pitchford said.

Pitchford said a museum will give visitors more of a chance to tell their stories of any relations they have to the aircrafts.

“We love these stories. It lets us know that what we’re doing is worthwhile,” Pitchford said.

With community support and the grounds good and ready, Tinius said he’s ready to ignite the process of getting the museum to lift off.

“It’s going to make all of us feel very proud that we know that we’ve taken the mission of the Aviation Heritage Park that started 12 or 13 years ago,” Pitchford said.