Annual WKU Tug of War event looks different this year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Today, Western Kentucky University students in sororities and fraternities participated in the annual Tug of War event that kicks off Greek Week. 

Chapters train and practice for several months just for this one day, which takes place at the WKU Agricultural Exposition Center. Teams are made up of eight members on the field that tug the rope until it goes to one side. Teams are eliminated until there’s one final winner. 

Pre-pandemic, it was a huge event with thousands of spectators from the university and the community. 

This year, the event looked different, with only teams, coaches and staff allowed at the event. but they were happy to have it, as it was cancelled last year.

“I think people like it because it builds a sense of comradery between the people who do tug and I think that is especially exemplified this year because of Covid there’s a little bit of limitations. This is an opportunity for chapter members to get out and do an event with their fellow brothers and sisters,” said WKU Student Activities Andrew Rash.

Rash said that this tradition has been going on for over 50 years.