“America’s Got Talent” Goes Viral

Tonight "AGT" takes a look back at 15 of their most jaw-dropping moments from past seasons. NBC's Mark Barger has a sneak peek.

(NBC) — “America’s Got Talent” is taking a look back at its 15 seasons tonight with a countdown of the show’s top viral moments.

Auditioning for “AGT” is intimidating, especially for a 12-year-old girl and her puppet pal.

“I was way more nervous,” says Season 12 winner Darci Lynn Farmer. “Petunia was like, I got this!”

Getting the Golden Buzzer was just the start for Farmer.

“I went back to school and people were like, staring and that’s when I was like, ‘What’s happening right now?’ Life feels a little bit different,” she recalls.

Hundreds of millions of social media views followed, along with performances across the country.

“I’ve just gotten so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten if it hadn’t been for AGT,” Farmer says.

For Shin Lim, it took prodding from his wife to even try out, but his slick performance that night belied his nerves.

“When it came to like actual butterflies in my stomach. I had all of those,” he says.

His spellbinding audition also went viral on the way to winning Season 13.

“The best way to describe it would be shellshocked,” he says.

Lim now has a residency at the Mirage in Las Vegas, but it’s temporarily on hold because of COVID-19.

“It’s been a strange holiday. That’s what I love to call it,” he says.

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