57th Annual Junior Championship drives BG girls to the golf course

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green Parks & Recreation sponsored and hosted their 57th Annual Junior Championship.

Thanks to them and a handful of local businesses and generous folks in the community, 22 young golfers ages 11 to 18 spent their Wednesday playing at the Paul Walker Golf Course free of charge.

South Warren High School’s Ainslee Cruce said, “I’ll be a senior so this is the last one I can compete in, I’m pretty sure. It’s been a really fun experience. I get to play with all my friends from around the city and we have a fun time.”

Warren County Judge/Executive Republican nominee Doug Gorman said, “I think it’s so vitally important to support these young ladies… making things affordable and accessible for everyone in this community.”

Upcoming sophomore Sidney McClanahan took home the win, shooting +6 for a round of 78.

“I didn’t expect to win,” said McClanahan. “I had high hopes to, but it was really nice to win!”

These girls are learning more than just golf swings.

“We learn sportsmanship and just how to have fun while trying to play a sport,” said Cruce.

“You learn to handle emotions,” added McClanahan. “Sometimes you have a bad hole, but you’ve just gotta remember to stay strong and I think that can apply to any area of your life.”

BG Parks & Recreation Golf Pro Chris Kendall said, “Golf is a great game and teaches you a lot of integrity and just a lot of sportsmanship. So it’s just great seeing everybody out here.”

“I hope [this tournament] can go on for years and years,” said Cruce.