24th Annual Soap Box Derby, name track after J Mac Yowell

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The 24th annual soap box derby race kicked off earlier tonight at Phil Moore Park. 

Dozens of kids ages 7 to 14 hopped in stock cars and raced down the track. 

The cars have no power or electricity, relying on incline and gravity to gain speed. The kids get the chance to build the car they race in with their family and friends. 

They also dedicated the track tonight to J Mac Yowell, naming it after him. He was the brains behind creating the soap box track. 

Winners of this local race have the chance to compete in the world championship in Akron, Ohio. 

“I started soap box cuz my brother did it, I just thought it looked really fun,” said 11-year-old racer Cooper Matukas.

The races continue tomorrow at 7 a.m., double elimination style.