220 BG kids need YOUR donations to make Christmas a reality

Christmas Adoption Program 2022

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Christmas shopping can be a fun, crazy task this time of year, some Bowling Green families need your help to put presents under the Christmas tree. 

The Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green wants your help to bring Christmas to kids and teens through their 2022 Christmas Adoption Program. 

You can shop for one of the club’s 220 kids this Christmas, or you can donate to help all the club’s members presents. 

Boys & Girls Club has added students from Lost River Elementary and Jennings Creek Elementary to their membership, meaning extra donations are highly in need. 

Boys & Girls Club of BG CEO Liz Bernard said, “We really want to tap into that sense of giving and helping. This is really the opportunity for both of those things to happen. We, as adults, can give back and really share love, and then the kids can feel that excitement of Christmas having the opportunity to have gifts that they might not otherwise have.”

Next Thursday, Boys & Girls Club of Bowling members will all get her together to open up their presents.

Liz encourages all donors to come enjoy and see how your donations make a difference. 

Click here to sign up for the Christmas Adoption Program.