“They Could Be Planning My Funeral” – Lyft driver describes shooting

(WSMV/NBC News) A Nashville Lyft driver is recovering after she was shot twice during an attempted robbery while on the job.

“I just want to know why he did it. What in the right mind makes you think that it’s OK to do that to people?” Jeanne Felsted says.

She says her passenger jumped up, wrapped his arm around her neck, and put a gun to her head.

“You just have everything going through your head. I have a baby. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know if I was gonna die,” Felsted says.

Felsted stayed calm while reaching for her pepper spray. As soon as she turned around to start spraying, she remembers getting shot.

“He shot one through the back seat and thank God I was turned the way I was because it would’ve went through my chest,” Felsted says.

One bullet hit her elbow and another is still in her foot.

In response, Lyft called the passenger’s behavior unacceptable and permanently banned them.

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